Advisory Services

At Can-World we consider ourselves to be consultants first and foremost. We have professionals with expertise in areas of corporate finance and financial risk management available to consult on various projects or aid in financial restructuring efforts. We have extensive experience consulting on mergers, acquisitions and asset divestitures. If you are considering purchasing or selling a business or asset we can aid in areas of feasibility and valuation.

Marketing & Sales

Do you need help marketing and selling your product or service? We can help you find your target market and explore avenues to revenue. How many ways do you market your product today?

Mergers & Aquisitions

We offer business valuation services that will allow you to ensure you are getting a fair price when selling your business. This valuation methodology is a combination of both the widely used and professionally accepted Capitalization of Excess Earnings method and the Multiple of Discretionary Earnings method.

Asset Divestitures

Canworld has helped many companies and organizations divest their assets – everything from refineries to businesses to equipment. Canworld can discreetly and timely help review the assets, value them and your find the right buyer. In addition if you are looking for a particular piece of equipment or type of business to purchase, chances are we know where to find it!

Business Brokerage

We can introduce potential buyers and participate in the negotiation process. Your confidentiality is maintained while your interests are being promoted to the market at large.

Share Structuring

With Canworld's experience and very knowledgeable partners we can help share structure your business for success and long term growth opportunities. Whether it's a small company or a large corporation faced with many challenges from its partners and stake holders we work with you to indentify your needs and find the solution that makes sense!

Finance Analysis

Whether it's issues filing taxes, accounting or payroll, we can help. Do you know where your money is going? What is your break even point? How much more money do you need to generate to reach "the next level"? We can help!

Business Plans

What are some of the major issues with your business? We can pin point the problems and identify the solutions to help your business run smoother and generate more revenue.

Efficiency Analysis

Are you looking to free up man hours to get more work done? Or do you want to consolidate work and lower overhead costs? We can analyze who is doing what and make recommendations to save time, cut cost and overall increase efficiency.

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