Asset Based Lending

What is Asset-Based Lending?

Can-World Finance Services provides its clients with financing solutions to enhance liquidity of companies, both domestically and internationally.

Our funding is committed against the strength of business assets and receivables, not on operational ratios; therefore we are able to dramatically increase facilities above that of conventional lenders.

Advantage Asset Based Lending

Provides revolving lines of credit based on accounts receivable and inventory, as well as, term loans based on machinery & equipment and real property.

Can-World is offering interest rates very competitive with all lending institutions and has programs at prime and slightly above.

Transaction Ranges

Transactions in asset based financing start at $500,000 and range up to $500,000,000+.

Pricing is based upon commensurate risk, as well as collateral quality, and are available with Prime, B.A. and LIBOR options.

Utilization Purposes

  • Financial and strategic acquisitions
  • Comprehensive debt restructuring
  • Management and Leverages Buyouts
  • Turnaround programs
  • Cross border expansion
  • Debtor-in-possession financing
  • Refinancing of bank debt/cash flow structures
  • Unique situations not suited to a traditional banking approach
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