Receivables Management Program

Receivables Financing

Accounts receivable financing is commonly referred to as factoring. Factoring allows you to leverage your cash flow through the assignment of your accounts receivable. With factoring, a business maintains complete control of its finances without dilution of ownership.

Purposes of Factoring

  • Increased cash flow
  • No wait for invoice payment
  • Unlimited Credit
  • Funding increases with growth of A/R
  • Avoid dilution of ownership to raise capital
  • 80 - 90% Advance

Benefits of

Factoring will allow you to take advantage of profitable opportunities when they arise. You can accept new orders with confidence in your ability to fulfill them.


Using factoring to better manage your cashflow means that you can gear your buiness for growth by hiring addtional staff or adding an additional shift to ramp up production or by simply taking advantage of volume purchases and early payment discounts for materials.

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